Our mission is to examine factors that lead to the successful application of analytics to improve the leadership and operations of organizations. Importantly, we also explore lessons learned from the failure of such endeavors.

To advance the mission in research and education, within those broad categories, the Center focuses on a variety of activities, including:


The Center engages faculty and students to conduct research on analytics impact to better understand success factors and impediments for impactful analytics. These include among others, resistance to change, problem framing and structuring, communication, organizational structure, leadership, analytics maturity, and team performance.


Through executive and continuing education events, seminars, non-credit short courses, and the development of case studies, the Center expands awareness, educate, and deepen expertise in analytics impact. These educational opportunities are a direct result of the research activities of the Center. In addition to these educational events, member companies have the opportunity to engage in B2B meetings to exchange best practices.


The Center disseminates research findings, and advocates for, a broader understanding of analytics impact. An annual Conference on Analytics Impact will bring together analytics practitioners and academics focused on analytics impact.


Analytics Conference